Listen, almost every single A-List copywriter I spoke to for this event had one thing to say when it comes to the FASTEST way to become a better copywriting...

Working with a mentor or coach.

And it makes sense right?

If you have someone that's been successfully writing copy for decades looking over your copy, tearing it down and guiding you... you're almost guaranteed to become a better copywriter.

But of course there's a catch...

Coaching from a top copywriter is going to cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000... And that's if they even have the space to take you on as a copy cub (many of the best copywriting coaches work with apprentices by invitation only and only once a year or so).

But what if I told you there's another way you could have these A-list copywriters "mentor" you?

How to get free "mentoring" from some of the most successful copywriters in history

You see, success leaves clues...

That's why I believe studying successful sales letters is not only the fastest but also the most affordable way to level up your skills as a copywriter.

In fact, when I was just starting out one of the things I did was hand copy some of the most famous classic sales letters and currently running controls.

You've probably heard about doing this too and while it does help with understanding the flow and rhythm of good copy... it's definitely not the most efficient way to level up as a copywriter.

It's not only time consuming (not to mention being a literal pain... I had to end up icing my hand after some of the longer hand copying sessions) it also leaves out one crucial part of the equation...

Understanding WHY the copywriter wrote the sales letter the way they did.

If you're blindly just copying words on a page you are missing out on the real value of these classic sales letters... they are actually a glimpse inside the copywriter's thought process and writing technique... how they approach taking the prospect on a journey... how they capture attention... build desire... hit on emotional triggers and finally seal the deal...

Every single successful sales letter is an education in copywriting on it's own. Every control winning piece of copy is like a mini training program put together by the A-list copywriter that wrote it... That's why I believe studying controls with this mindset is like getting free mentoring from these A-list copywriters.

But that's ONLY if you know what to look for...

That's why I've put together the Million Dollar Classic Breakdowns package.

Here's How It Works

Every 2 weeks you'll receive a detailed video breakdown of one of the most successful sales letters ever written by legendary copywriters including:

  • The letter that launched million dollar publisher Boardroom Inc (now Bottom Line) written by the Godfather of copywriting, Gene Schwartz
  • What's considered the most widely mailed sales letter of all time written by arguably the greatest copywriter to have ever lived, Gary Halbert
  • A control written by John Carlton back in the 1990s that is still used today as the perfect example of how to hook your reader and pull them into the sales letter
  • A glimpse inside the mind of copywriting genius Gary Bencivenga through a magalog control he wrote for Boardroom

I will go through each letter, reverse engineering the copy to find what really makes the letter so successful. I'll be combing through word by word for not only what works and what the sales letter did well... but also looking for weaknesses and areas the letter could have been improved upon...

It's like having your very own forensic team, analyzing every little detail to find that vital piece of evidence and then bringing it all together into the bigger picture.

Compare this meticulous, word by word approach to studying successful copy to simply reading or even hand copying these ads...

Which one do you think will yield better results?

So if you're ready to cut through the noise and go straight to the source and be "mentored" by some of the best copywriters to have ever lived... for a fraction of what it would cost to get coaching from an A-list copywriting coach... then this is for you.